Southminster Youth Ministry

Being a student is difficult. Being a teenager is difficult. Being a Christian is difficult. Being all of these things in one of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in America is even more difficult. How do you navigate being a Christian when some of your classmates and best friends belong to a different religion, or no religion at all?

The call to follow Christ is difficult, but it's the most important decision you will ever make. At Southminster we equip our youth to be followers of Jesus Christ in a world where it is progressively more difficult to proclaim the name of Jesus with confidence and love.

Acts 1:8 says, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." God has called us to be His witnesses. God has called us to show His love to everyone, because everyone needs to hear it. Who will go, if not us?

Youth Group

This summer during COVID-19 youth will meet Thursdays @ 1 PM via Zoom.

Youth gather together on Sunday after church from 12-2 pm. We share a meal, study the Bible, encourage one another, and grow closer as a family. 

Check out the Youth Group calendar below!

Current Series: More Than a Hashtag

Our world is not as it should be. There is pain, evil, and injustice all around us. In the age of social media, it is easier than ever to stay informed about all sorts of injustices, but is sending a tweet, posting a selfie, or sharing a video about an inspiring cause really all it takes to make a difference in the world? Or is it possible that justice is about something much more than a hashtag? 

In this 4 week series, you’ll challenge students to not just post about the injustices around them, but to actually do something about them by loving mercy, acting justly, and walking humbly.

Youth Group Calendar

Unless otherwise noted all Youth Group events meet from 12-2 PM on Sundays in the Youth Lounge (second floor of school building)

JUN 11            Youth Hangout on Zoom @ 1:00  //  Conversation on Current Events

JUN 18            Youth Hangout on Zoom @ 1:00  //  More Than a Hashtag Week 1

JUN 25            Youth Hangout on Zoom @ 1:00  //  More Than a Hashtag Week 2

JULY 9              Youth Hangout on Zoom @ 1:00  //  More Than a Hashtag Week 3

JULY 16            Youth Hangout on Zoom @ 1:00  //  More Than a Hashtag Week 4

Adult Leaders

As a parent, you are making a huge impact in your teenager’s life. The impact you’re making is far more significant than any impact we, their church, could ever hope to make. You are the most important voice in your kid’s life, both now and for a lifetime. However, your best chance at influencing your teenager’s faith and future is to recruit other adults to influence them with you. 

Dr. Kara E. Powell and Dr. Chap Clark, authors of Sticky Faith, encourage parents to “develop a sticky web of relationships” for their kids. Especially during the teenage years, when your kid is beginning to pull away from you in their search for independence, we want to come alongside you by creating a pool of trustworthy adults who can help you influence your teenager.  


That’s why our ministry emphasizes the importance of meeting together consistently at Youth Group. At youth group we connect your kid with adults you can trust so you can better influence their faith and future. Get to know our Adult Leaders below!

  • Brad Federwisch

    Birthday: August 6th

    Favorite Food: Cheese

    Favorite Drink: Diet Mountain Dew

    Favorite Coffee: Diet Coke (we'll take it!)

    Favorite Candy: Reeses

    Favorite Snack: Pecans

    Favorite Animal: Bear

    Favorite Way to Spend $5: Mountain Dew

    Favorite Way to Spend $20: Movie

  • Samantha (Sam) Federwisch

    Birthday: October 21, 1967

    Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo

    Favorite Drink: Sunkist Orange

    Favorite Coffee: French Vanilla

    Favorite Candy: Milky Way

    Favorite Snack: Grapes

    Favorite Animal: Siberian Tiger

    Favorite Way to Spend $5: Tricity Resale Shop Donation

    Favorite Way to Spend $20: Tri City Resale Shop Purchase

  • Benny Gilbert

    Birthday: September 22, 1961

    Favorite Food: Steak

    Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini

    Favorite Coffee: Black

    Favorite Candy: Milky Way

    Favorite Snack: Cashews

    Favorite Animal: Cat

    Favorite Way to Spend $5: Doughnuts

    Favorite Way to Spend $20: Flowers (presumably for Caroyl?)

  • Caroyl Gilbert

    Birthday: April 17, 1964

    Favorite Food: Chicken Marsala

    Favorite Drink: Margarita/Tea

    Favorite Coffee: Mocha Cappuccino

    Favorite Candy: Snickers

    Favorite Snack: Popcorn

    Favorite Animal: Unicorn

    Favorite Way to Spend $5: Starbucks

    Favorite Way to Spend $20: 2nd Hand Store (Pennywise)

  • Amy Rogers

    Birthday: ?

    Favorite Food: ?

    Favorite Drink: Grape Juice

    Favorite Coffee: ?

    Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears

    Favorite Snack: Nachos/popcorn

    Favorite Animal: ?

    Favorite Way to Spend $5: ?

    Favorite Way to Spend $20: ?

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