The Bible in 100 Days

The Bible is the story of God and God's people. The Bible is easily the most influential book in human history. Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) say that this book is their guide for all matters of faith and life, but how many of us have actually read it ourselves? 

For the next 100 Days beginning on Sunday, May 2nd, we want to invite you to read the big story of the Bible with us! This Bible reading plan is NOT a cover-to-cover plan in which you read every verse of the Bible, but it is what we call a "defining moments" reading plan. Each day's reading will feature a Bible passage that helps to tell the big picture story of the Bible through these defining moments.

Below you can find resources to help you grow in your understanding of the Bible as well as opportunities to connect with others over these next 100 Days. Will you join us for the next 100 Days?

100 Days in the

Defining Moments Bible

Reading Plan

Day 99 is Sunday, August 8th. It's okay if you miss a day - just catch up to get back on track. Don't feel defeated if you get behind because you're spending time with God no matter where you are in your reading.

100 Day Bible Reading Plan

Click the button above to view the full Bible reading plan and schedule. Make sure to check out the questions to ask and tips on the bottom of page 2!

Wednesday Night

Reading Conversation

Each Wednesday night over the 100 Days we will meet via Zoom from 8-9 PM to discuss the reading each week. This will NOT be a time of teaching from a pastor, but will be an open conversation. 

We'll frame our conversation around the four questions we seek to answer in each day's reading: Who is God? What has God done? 

Who are we? So what? 

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