Jason Landry

Jason Landry is the youngest son of our Senior Pastor, Kent Landry, and his wife, Lisa Landry. Jason's car crashed on Salt Flat Road in Luling, TX in the early morning of Monday, December 14th, 2020 on his way home from Texas State University. Many have helped and continue to help search for Jason, and we hope and pray that he will return home soon. Below are some resources that anyone can use to help us locate Jason. 

Missing Person Poster

Click here to download a PDF of Jason's Missing Person's poster. The Landry's would like for you to print copies of this and post it in gas stations, restaurants, or anywhere in your community where people pass through and might have seen something. Please get the permission of the store owner before posting. 


The contact information for Detective Ferry or an Anonymous Call Line is on the poster.

QR Code Poster

Here is a copy of the QR Code that will pull up a link to Jason's updated Missing Person Poster. 

We encourage you to print a copy of this and put it in your car window. Someone will see it and take a picture of it on their phone which will then pull up the link to Jason's poster. They couldn't see the poster from you car, but a QR code will help them get the poster on their phone.